Born 1952 Lincoln, Nebraska. Lives and works in Chicago


1982  M.F.A. The Maryland Institute, College of Art, Baltimore
1974  B.F.A. Pacific Northwest College of Art, Portland, Oregon


2010  Robert and Happy Doran Artist in Residency Fellowship,
              Yale University Art Gallery
2006  Rome Prize Fellowship, American Academy in Rome
2004  Joan Mitchell Foundation Grant Award
2004  Richard H. Driehaus Foundation Award
1993  Louis Comfort Tiffany Foundation Award
1989  John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation Fellowship
1986  National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artist Fellowship
1983  Oregon Arts Commission, Visual Artist Fellowship
1976  National Endowment for the Arts, Visual Artist Fellowship


2018  The Renaissance Society at the University of Chicago, Address
         The Arts Club of Chicago, Glen Elder, Garden Project Series 
2017  James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2015  Marc Foxx, Los Angeles   
          Isabella Bortolozzi Galerie, Berlin, Circum
2014  Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago, Signal
2012  West Virginia University, Laura Mesaros Gallery,
              Richard Rezac: Sculpture 2003-2012
2013  James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2011  Twig, Brussels
          James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2010  Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
          Feature Inc., New York
2009  Gahlberg Gallery, College of DuPage, Glen Ellyn, IL,               
              Richard Rezac: Survey 2003-2008
2008  James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2006  Portland Art Museum, Oregon
         Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
2005  Feature Inc., New York
         James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2003  Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago
         Feature Inc., New York
2002  Feature Inc., New York
         James Harris Gallery, Seattle
2001  Marc Foxx, Los Angeles
2000  Marc Foxx, Los Angeles 
1998  Feigen Contemporary, New York
1997  Marc Foxx, Santa Monica
1996  Feigen, Inc., Chicago
         Rena Bransten Gallery, San Francisco
1995  Feature, New York
         I space Gallery, Chicago, Richard Rezac: Shelf Sculptures 1982-1994
         Marc Foxx, Santa Monica
1994  Feigen, Inc., Chicago
1993  Feature, New York
         Cedar Rapids Museum of Art, Cedar Rapids, IA, 
               Richard Rezac: Sculpture 1987 - 1992
         Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
1992  Feature, New York 
1991  Feigen Inc., Chicago 
         Shoshana Wayne Gallery, Santa Monica
         Feature, New York
1990  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Options 38: Richard Rezac
1989  Feature, New York 
         Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
         Artgarden, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (outdoor installation)
         Arts Festival of Atlanta, Piedmont Park, Atlanta (outdoor installation)
1988  Loughelton Gallery, New York
1987  Feature, Chicago
         Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
1986  Sculpture Chicago 1986, Chicago (outdoor installation)
1985  Feature, Chicago 
         Portland Center for the Visual Arts, Portland, OR
1982  Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR
1979  Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR
1978  White Gallery, Portland State University, Portland, OR


2016  DePaul Art Museum, Chicago,
             Dianna Frid and Richard Rezac: Split Complementary 
             (curated by Matthew Girson)
2010  Devening Projects, Chicago,
              Kabinett 1 & 2: Richard Rezac and Gary Stephan
2005  G Fine Art, Washington, D.C., Jeff Spaulding and Richard Rezac
2003  Kunstverein Recklinghausen, Germany, 
              Dan Devening and Richard Rezac
2002  500 sf, Lake Bluff, IL, Vladimir Skoda and Richard Rezac
2001  Thomas Ammann Fine Art, Zurich, 
               The Sensibility of the 80's: David Diao and Richard Rezac
          Feature, Inc., New York, Richard Rezac and Gary Batty
1998  TBA Exhibition Space, Chicago, Thomas Nozkowski and Richard Rezac
1994  Gallery 299, Portland State University, OR,
              Drawings: Julia Fish and Richard Rezac
1986  Feature, Chicago, Julia Fish and Richard Rezac
1977  Purple Daggers, Portland, OR Richard Rezac and Nelson Bonner
1975  24th Avenue Gallery, Portland, OR, Richard Rezac and Stephen Soihl


2017  Museum oif Contemporary Art, Chicago, You Are Here
         DePaul Art Museum, Stranger Things
2016  Shane Campbell Gallery, Chicago, Chicago and Vicinity   
         James Harris Gallery, Seattle, Tunnel of Silence
2015  Essex Street, New York, Order   
         Whitespace Gallery, Atlanta, Soft Eyes (curated by Pete Schulte)
2014  Marc Foxx, Los Angeles, Sculpture   
         Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago,
                Carved, Cast, Crumpled: Sculpture 
         33 Orchard, New York, Lets Go Let Go: In Memoriam Hudson
2013  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,
                MCA DNA: Chicago Conceptual Abstraction,1986-1995
          Julius Caesar and Peregrine Program, Chicago, Drawer’s Drawing
2012  Winkleman Gallery, New York, Loughelton Gallery Revisited
          Feature Inc., New York, Punt
          Inman Gallery, Houston, Sculptors’ Drawings
2011  Feature Inc., New York, Self-Referral Nonobjective
         David Floria Gallery, Aspen, Toward the Third Dimension
         The Suburban, Oak Park, Illinois, Two-Fold
2010  The Frances Young Tang Teaching Museum and Art Gallery,
         Skidmore College, NY, The Jewel Thief
         Paul Kotula Projects, Ferndale, MI, 
                 Heather McGill, Richard Rezac, James Shrosbree
         Boston University Art Gallery, The Shape of Abstraction 
2009  Feature Inc., New York, Skulture
         Art Institute of Chicago, Modern and Contemporary Works on Paper
         Feature Inc., New York, Populate This Form
         Swimming Pool, Chicago, Cross-Fade
2008  Tony Wight Gallery, Chicago, Isn't It
         White Columns, New York, Begin Again Right Back Here
2006  Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago,
                Drawing As Process in Contemporary Art
         National Academy Museum, New York, 181st Annual Exhibition
2005  Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington, D.C.,
                Biennial Exhibition: Closer To Home
         Feature Inc., New York, The Sun Rises in the Evening
         Chicago Cultural Center, Centrally Located: The Artadia and Richard  
                Driehaus Foundation Awards                                                         

2004  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, The Center Is Anywhere
2003  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,
                Basic Instinct: Minimalism Past, Present and Future
         John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI, Formed to Function?
         Feature Inc., New York, Small Scale Sculpture
         Sean Kelly, New York, Reflections
2002  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,
                Multiformity: Multiples from the MCA Collection
2001  Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Objective Color
         Apex Art, New York, Making the Making
         Columbia College, Chicago, Sculpture in Chicago Now
2000  Feature Inc., New York, Hairy Forearm's Self-Referral
         Block Museum, Northwestern University, Evanston, Seems
         Feigen Contemporary, New York, Minimal Maximal
         Feature Inc., New York, Grok Terence McKenna Dead
1998  University of Texas at San Antonio Art Gallery,
                Chromaform: Color in Sculpture (travelling through 2000)
         Feigen Contemporary, New York, Inglenook
                (traveled to Illinois State University Gallery, Normal)
1997  Feigen, Inc., Chicago, IL, New Works
         Marc Foxx, Santa Monica, Untitled Group Show
         James Graham and Sons Gallery, New York, Sculpture
1996  Feature Inc., New York, AbFab
         Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Art in Chicago: 1945 - 1995
         Columbia College Art Gallery, Chicago, Drawing in Chicago Now
1995  Gibson Gallery, State University of New York at Potsdam, Resonance
         Gallery 400, University of Illinois, Chicago, Skew: The Unruly Grid
         Layton Gallery, Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design,
                The Friendly Village
1994  Feature, New York, 5 Longish Wood Sculptures
         Center Gallery, Center for Creative Studies, Detroit,
                Sculpture on the Wall
         Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR, Julia Fish, Jim Hibbard, Richard Rezac
1993  Chicago Cultural Center and State of Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago,
                A Sequence of Forms: Sculpture by Illinois Artists
         Fine Arts Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington,         
                Points of Reference: Contemporary Abstraction
1992  University Art Museum, Northern Illinois University, DeKalb
1991  Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
         Feigen, Inc., Chicago
1990  Carnegie Mellon Art Gallery, Pittsburgh, New Generations: Chicago
         Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,
                Toward the Future: Contemporary Art in Context
         University of Michigan Museum of Art, Ann Arbor,
                Grounded: Sculpture on the Floor
1989  Center for Contemporary Art, Chicago, Sculpture: Polly Apfelbaum,
                Richard Rezac, Joe Smith

         Rezac Gallery and Feature, Chicago, FunctionNonFunction
         Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR, Tenth Anniversary Exhibition
         Erie Art Museum, Erie, PA and Bruce Gallery, Edinboro University,
                Edinboro, PA, Chicago Works: Art from the Windy City
1988  Loughelton Gallery, New York
         Feature, Chicago, Near Miss
         Aspen Art Museum, Latitudes: Focus on Chicago
         The Sculpture Center, New York, In the Making: Drawings by Sculptors
         Toni Birckhead Gallery, Cincinnati,
                Donald Harvey, Beverly Pepper, Richard Rezac
         Rosa Esman Gallery, New York, The Form of Language:
                The Language of Form

         State of Illinois Art Gallery, Chicago, Imagining Form: Six Sculptors
         Rockford Art Museum, IL, 
                Looking Out: Rockford Art Museum Regional Exhibition
1987  Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago,                 
                Selected Works from the Permanent Collection
         NAME Gallery, Chicago, Sculptures on the Wall
         Jan Baum Gallery, Los Angeles
1986  Susanne Hilberry Gallery, Birmingham, MI
         The Sculpture Center, New York, Emerging Sculptors 1986
1985  Feature, New York, Engagement
         San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art
         Portland Art Museum, Oregon Artists Biennial
1979  Blackfish Gallery, Portland, OR, Opening Exhibition
1977  Portland Center for the Visual Arts, OR, Twelve Portland Artists


Art Institute of Chicago
Dallas Museum of Art
Des Moines Art Center
Detroit Institute of Art
Maramotti Collection, Reggio Emilia
Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago
State of Oregon
Portland Art Museum, Oregon
Rockford Art Museum
Smart Museum of Art, University of Chicago
Edwin Ulrich Museum of Art, Wichita
Yale University Art Gallery


1985 - present
Adjunct Full Professor of Sculpture, Drawing, and Graduate Advising,
The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, IL


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